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Topic outline

  • Innovation is known as the process by which individuals/organization carry out of new combinations, including the introduction of new goods, services or enhancing an existing product to create new markets. This course will seek to have participants understand the concept and importance of innovation as well as assisting them in identifying innovation that is taking place around them. 

    Course Duration: 1 hour  

    Course Objectives: 

    1. Understand the concept of Innovation  

    1. Exploring the role of Innovation in developing new & existing products and services. 

    1. Learn the difference between Incremental and Disruptive Innovation 

    1. Understand the innovation process  

    1. Understand how to exploit innovation 

    Learning Outcome(s): By the end of the session participants will be able to;  

    1. Understand the meaning of Innovation and its various forms  

    1. Understand how to apply the process of Innovation in their new or existing products/services 

    1. Understand the need for a culture of Innovation

  • Module 1

    • Receive a grade
  • Module 2

    • Receive a grade
  • Module 3

  • Participation Certificate

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