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Topic outline

  • This course was developed for persons who are already operating an income generating activity or those interested in starting their own businesses. The course modules and activities are centered on three (3) key aspects of entrepreneurship: 1) the individual, their traits, skills, and attributes that make entrepreneurs successful, 2) the business ideas, how to generate/brainstorm them, where to look for them, how to expand them, and 3) how to validate business ideas to ensure its able to meet potential profit goals. These core elements will assist any current or future entrepreneur develop and grow a business now or in the future.  

     Course Duration:   1.5 hours   

    Course Objectives: 

    1. Understand the concept of Entrepreneurship  

    1. Identify traits skills and drive necessary to be a successful entrepreneur  

    1. Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in line with profiles of successful business owners 

    1. Undertake exercise to cement the process of generating, validating and executing an idea.   

    Learning Outcome(s): By the end of the session participants will be able to;  

    1. Discuss current entrepreneurs and their contribution to their community and Jamaica on a whole 

    1. Assess personal characteristics against that of successful entrepreneurs  

    1. Identify and assess sources of support for small businesses and entrepreneurs 

  • Module 1:

    • Receive a grade
  • Module 2:

    • Receive a grade
  • Module 3:

    • Receive a grade
  • Participation Certificate

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